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Here’s What Japan Gets In Fire Emblem Warriors’ Premium And Treasure Box Editions

By Sato . June 28, 2017 . 3:00am

Koei Tecmo shared a first look at what fans in Japan are getting with the Premium Box and Treasure Box editions of their upcoming Musou action game, Fire Emblem Warriors.

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God Wars: Future Past Has Surpassed 100,000 Units In Worldwide Sales

By Sato . June 28, 2017 . 2:30am

Kadokawa Games announced that their tactical RPG based on Japanese folklore, God Wars: Future Past, has surpassed 100,000 units in global sales since its release earlier this month.

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Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense Will Let Players Smell Girls And Get Splashed In “Sense VR”

By Sato . June 28, 2017 . 2:00am

This summer, Koei Tecmo is offering a new VR experience as part of an amusement facility featuring Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense, that will let you “smell” the girls with a new VR machine function.

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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Highlights Its Six Main Heroes

By Sato . June 28, 2017 . 1:30am

The video showcases a highlight of the main heroes in Vaan, Penelo, Balthier, Fran, Basch fon Ronsenburg, and Ashelia B’nargin Dalmasca with a look at various scenes and battle clips.

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Fire Emblem Heroes’ New Grand Hero Battle Features Clarisse

By Sato . June 28, 2017 . 1:00am

Fire Emblem Heroes launched its latest Grand Hero Battle, and this one features Clarisse: Sniper in the Dark, with the new Special Maps.

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Here’s A First look At The Seven Deadly Sins’ Upcoming PS4 Action Game

By Sato . June 28, 2017 . 12:30am

Bandai Namco launched a teaser site for The Seven Deadly Sins: The Britannian Traveler, an upcoming PS4 action game that was recently announced. Here’s a first look at a couple screenshots.

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Nintendo Switch Sales Surpasses One Million Units In Japan

By Sato . June 28, 2017 . 12:00am

Since the worldwide release of the Nintendo Switch on March 3, it’s been revealed according to Famitsu’s sales tracker that the console has surpassed one million units sold in Japan.

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We Unleashed A Ki Blast Barrage In Dragon Ball FighterZ’s 3v3 Battles

By Al . June 27, 2017 . 5:00pm

Fighting our way through over 9000 other fans, Siliconera was able to get some hands on time during E3.

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Extra 10% Off Anything PSN with Store Credit for Cheap

By Viet . June 27, 2017 . 4:15pm

PSN just launched its Midyear sale and there’s a way to pick up an extra 10% discount by buying digital PSN Credits for cheap.

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Outbreak: The New Nightmare Adds Co-Op To The Classic Resident Evil Formula

By Joel . June 27, 2017 . 3:00pm

Players will scrounge for ammo and healing items together as they fight against hordes of infected people.

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Regalia Developers Delve Into Its Persona-Inspired Relationships

By Joel . June 27, 2017 . 1:00pm

Siliconera spoke with the creators of Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs to learn more about its Persona-inspired relationships, as well as juggling ruling duties with turn-based combat.

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Making The Most Of God Wars: Future Past

By Jenni . June 27, 2017 . 12:00pm

God Wars: Future Past feels like a lot of traditional tactical games, which means you’ll need to spend lots of time grinding to unlock jobs and skills.

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Valkyria Revolution Launch Trailer Shows What Jutland Is Fighting For

By Jenni . June 27, 2017 . 10:30am

Valkyria Revolution’s launch trailer sets up the conflict between Jutland and the Ruzi Empire, giving people a hint that the war may be about more than freedom.

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“Ghost Rule” Coming To Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone

By Jenni . June 27, 2017 . 10:00am

To celebrate Hatsune Miku’s 10th anniversary, Sega will be releasing “Ghost Rule” and a new module for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone in North America and Europe.

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Terra Battle 2 Shows Off More Music And Pretty Character Illustrations In Its Latest Video

By Casey . June 27, 2017 . 9:30am

The video showcases a bunch of artwork of the game’s characters, drawn by Drakengard character designer Kimihiko Fujisaka and music composed by Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu.